Wedding dress styles over the years

Wedding dress styles over the years

This video (CLICK HERE) from Mode Studios as featured on Marie Claire is simply amazing! 100 Wedding Dress in 3 Minutes. Take a look at all of the different styles that have been and gone over the years. It is really lovely to see the way that design has impacted wedding dresses in such a massive way.


It is really interesting to see what is coming back aswell. I first saw the video on the Marie Claire website and sat and watched it at least twice because I was so engrossed. It is 3 minutes well spent!


I LOVE the message at the end aswell…you’ll have to watch it to find out what it is.




Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding – some tips!

Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding – some tips!

When you start planning for your wedding you can feel the pressure to make decisions. Everything on the to do list seems like a big decision and that can make you feel super overwhelmed. But remember, this is your wedding so don’t feel the pressure!

Colour is always a big thing when planning your wedding 

It is what most of your suppliers ask you after they have asked the when and where question. But don’t let it panic you or make you feel nervous when you reply “We haven’t decided yet” or “We are not having a colour scheme”.


As with everything to do with your wedding, there are no right or wrong answers, this is your day and you should have what you want. But we thought we would just share some tips with you about choosing your colour scheme.


You may have though you have decided your colour scheme…

You may change you mind a least 100 times during the planning process…


This is normal! As new ideas pop into your head, and your Pinterest board, so do colours and it can take a while before you can see how all of your ideas fit together and work as one.


  • You may have one colour that runs through the entire day.
  • You may have a colour palette of 3 colours that you use to bring everything together.
  • You may have a variety of colour to add vibrancy and difference to your wedding.


The key thing with colour is choosing colours that work together.


But how do you choose those colours?



Head down to your local DIY shop and pick up a couple of the paint colour chart brochures. Cut out all of the colours that you like and just have a play with them. See how they work together. Lay them out on the table, along with any other colour swatches or ideas you have and start to visual the colours you want to use in your day.



Pinterest of course! Search “wedding colour palettes” and you will be wowed by the amount of beautiful pins that come up and ideas.



Look at magazines! House magazines, catalogues and, of course, wedding magazines. House magazines are great for choosing colours because they are so co-ordinated. Even the freebie ones you get through the post that you can’t remember signing up for – don’t throw them straight away, have a flick through and see if anything catches your eye.


Doing this will really help you to see how your colours can work and may help you make that decision.


Do you already have a colour scheme in mind? If so, let us know what it is by commenting below.


Love the Team at Berrow Court